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Do you need a vibration damper? In our range you can find many variants, types and dimensions of various vibration dampers. We offer Machine Feet, Rail dampers, Cylindrical Dampers and more types of dampers. Our cylindrical dampers are available in both stainless steel and galvanized metal.

High-quality vibration Controler.

Our vibration Controlers are made of stainless steel and galvanized metal with a sustainable natural rubber. The products of our dampers adhere to strict European standards. In addition to these strict standards, we also have products that have even better quality. These are DNV certified and HD (High Deflection). HD has been specially developed for high insulation.


Wide application of a vibration damper

By using a vibration Controller you can greatly improve the life of your machines. When using many types of machines, vibrations are released. This vibration causes friction on your machine or floor. As a result, it wears faster, cracks occur and it may break sooner. Noise pollution and poorer effectiveness of a machine can be the result of vibrations.

For heavy machines it is recommended to use a Rail element. Think of a large motor or a pump arrangement. With a rail element, the vibration is spread over a larger surface area on a more robust installation.

Smaller applications are also possible with our cylindrical vibration dampers. These are easy to use with household and office equipment. These cylindrical dampers are also suitable for combustion engines and compressors, as well as fans and rotary pumps.

Machine feet are also often used. These are often placed under a combustion engine, electric motor and processing machine.