Custom Fit Hoses
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done Personal and expert advice
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Custom Fit Hoses

Custom Fit Hoses

Custom-made hoses (optionally with compression fitting)

Our qualified staff manufactures a custom hose according to your specifications using our own specialized machines. With our years of experience in hose production, we can provide tailored customer-specific solutions for various applications and purposes.


Custom hoses are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of your application. This means that the hose is produced with the right length, diameter, material, and connections that match your specific system requirements. Having a custom hose offers several advantages over using standard hose products.

Firstly, custom hoses provide a perfect fit. It eliminates the need for excess hose length and prevents kinking, folding, or awkward bends that can hinder the flow of liquids or gases. This optimizes the efficiency of your system and minimizes pressure loss.

Secondly, custom hoses provide the ability to choose the right material suitable for your specific application. Whether you need resistance to high temperatures, chemical resistance, or other properties, a custom hose can be manufactured from the appropriate material that meets your requirements and enhances the durability and reliability of your system.

Furthermore, custom hoses can also be equipped with specific fittings and connectors that seamlessly integrate with your system. This minimizes the risk of leaks and provides a secure and reliable connection between the hose and other components.

Obtaining custom hoses requires collaboration with an experienced manufacturer or supplier specializing in custom solutions. They have the expertise and technical knowledge to understand and translate your specifications into a custom hose that meets your expectations.

Whether you have a complex industrial system or a unique application where standard hoses do not suffice, custom hoses offer the perfect solution. It ensures optimal operation of your system, reduces maintenance costs, and minimizes downtime.

In summary, custom hoses are the ideal choice for those seeking a perfectly fitting and reliable hose solution. It provides customized lengths, diameters, materials, and connections that meet your specific needs. Work with a reliable supplier with expertise in custom hoses and enjoy an efficient and trouble-free operating system.

We can supply hoses with fixed couplings for any industry. If necessary, we can provide hoses with couplings that comply with any standard. Think of the food industry, Milk & Livestock, Chemical hoses, Hydraulic hoses, and various other custom hoses.

Special production of hose lines:

  • beer hoses
  • chemical hoses
  • steam hoses
  • Pressure hoses
  • Paint spray hoses
  • Hot water hoses
  • Coolant hoses
  • Fuel hoses
  • oil hose
  • milk hoses
  • Injection and delivery hoses 
  • mortar crop protection hoses
  • silo hoses
  • silicone hoses
  • Pipe transport systems water hoses

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