O-Ring Kit Box
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O-Ring Kit Box

O-Ring Kit Box
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Are you looking for a box with an assortment of O-rings, copper rings, bonded seals, round cords, X-profile cords, retaining rings, circlips, or circlips?


Efficient Organization with Our O-Ring Assortment Box


Organizing small but essential components like O-rings can be a challenge, especially when working with various sizes and types regularly. At Techniparts, we understand the importance of keeping your workspace organized and efficient. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality O-ring assortment boxes. In this text, we will highlight the benefits of our assortment boxes and why they are the ideal choice for storing and organizing your O-rings.

Description of the O-Ring Assortment Box: Our O-ring assortment boxes are specially designed to help you neatly store and easily locate your O-rings. Each box is made of durable materials and is available in various sizes and configurations, allowing you to choose the perfect box that suits your needs.

Benefits of Our O-Ring Assortment Box: Organized Storage: Our assortment boxes feature multiple compartments and dividers, allowing you to custom-sort and organize your O-rings. This ensures that you can quickly find the right size, saving valuable time.

Durability and Protection: Our O-ring assortment boxes are made of high-quality materials that resist wear and breakage. This keeps your O-rings safe and protected, even in demanding work environments. You can trust that your valuable components are well-preserved.

Quick Identification: Each box is designed with clear labels or transparent lids, enabling you to identify the desired O-ring quickly without opening the box. This minimizes errors and enhances the efficiency of your workflow.

Portability and Convenience: Our O-ring assortment boxes are compact, lightweight, and equipped with a handle, making them easy to carry to different work locations. Whether you work on-site or need to transport your O-rings between workstations, our boxes offer portability and convenience.

Versatility: In addition to O-rings, our assortment boxes can also be used to organize other small parts such as gaskets, nuts, and bolts. With customizable compartments and layouts, our boxes provide flexibility and versatility in your storage needs.


At Techniparts, we understand that an organized workspace is essential for an efficient workflow. Our O-ring assortment boxes offer the perfect solution to neatly store your O-rings and make them easily accessible. With durability, protection, quick identification, portability, and versatility, our boxes are the ideal choice to streamline your operations and increase productivity. Choose our O-ring assortment boxes and experience the benefits of a well-organized workspace. Contact us today to order your assortment box.

Types of Boxes:

  • Box / box G NBR 70
  • Box / box A NBR 70
  • Box / box H NBR 70
  • Box / box C NBR 70
  • Box / box D NBR 90
  • Box / box Round cord NBR 70
  • Box / box B NBR 70
  • Box / box D NBR 70
  • Box / box F NBR 70
  • Box / box K NBR 70
  • Box / box L NBR 70
  • Box / box S NBR 70
  • Box / box A NBR 90
  • Box / box C NBR 90
  • Box / box F NBR 90
  • Box / box G NBR 90
  • Box / box H NBR 90
  • Box / box K NBR 90
  • Box / box S NBR 90
  • Box / box A FKM 80
  • Box / box B FKM 80
  • Box / box C FKM 80
  • Box / box D FKM 80
  • Box / box G green FKM 80
  • Box / box G red FKM 80
  • Box / box H FKM 80
  • Box / box K FKM 80
  • Box / box L FKM 80
  • Box / box S FKM 80
  • Box / box A EPDM 70
  • Box / box B EPDM 70
  • Box / box C EPDM 70
  • Box / box D EPDM 70
  • Box / box G EPDM 70
  • Box / box H EPDM 70
  • Box / box K EPDM 70
  • Box / box G VMQ 70
  • Box / box H VMQ 70
  • Box / box Q NBR 70 x-ring
  • Box / box retaining ring DIN 471
  • Box / box circlip DIN 472
  • Box / box bonded seal NBR metric
  • Box / box copper rings DIN 7603

Box Colors:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange


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