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We have an extensive range of o-rings in different shore (hardness) and compounds made of the following materials, among others:

  • AFLAS (TFE / P)
  • EPDM
  • Kalrez (FFKM)
  • MVQ Silicone
  • NBR
  • POM
  • PTFE
  • FKM / FPM Viton
  • Polyurethane
  • etc.

In addition, Techniparts is very strong in custom work. We can deliver customized gaskets and o-rings to your specifications. Of course, the application must always be taken into account. The choice of the right o-ring depends on the material it comes into contact with, for example sunlight, ozone, UV radiation, fuel, gas, LPG, ethanol, gasoline, (drinking) water, oil, fat, kerosene, hydrogen, alcohol, acids, alkalis.

Delivery of FDA and/or EC1935 / 2004 is of course also possible.

Our range includes all brands of O-rings: Trelleborg, Busak-Shamban, Dichtomatik, James Walker, Guarnitec, Rada, Parker Prädifa, Angst & Pfister, Hitec, Normatec, Eriks, Freudenberg, Simrit, Ebele, Cutters, NOK, Kimman, Green Tweed, Dupont, Profiltra, Skega, and Dowty.

More about O-Rings

Niels Christensen is the inventor of the O-ring, he invented the O-ring while working on the development of braking systems for cars. Christensen received a patent for his O-ring in 1937, however, manufacturers were not interested until World War II broke out. He sold his o-ring to the army. This "simple" O-ring ensured that the technology that was then still complex progressed quickly. The O-ring as a seal is indispensable in current technology.

We deliver every size and material! If we do not have it in stock, we know where it is in stock, or come up with a proposal for a 100% alternative!

We deliver worldwide any size and compound! If we don't have it on stock, we know the stocks are or come with a 100% alternative!

Find your specific O-ring here: https://www.o-ring-stocks.com/

O-rings are currently the most used seal in the world. They are fairly easy to make and assemble. Often (dis) assembly causes problems because the place where the O-ring is located is difficult to reach or the dimensions are small. It also regularly happens that an O-ring is broken because it is incorrectly assembled or disassembled.

The use of the right tools is therefore essential. There are various tools that make it much easier to (dis) assemble o-rings.

(See tools at techniparts-online.com)

Types of O-ring material

There are many types of materials for o-rings. We deliver:

  • NBR
  • FVMQ Fluor Silicone
  • EPDM
  • HNBR
  • FKM / FPM Viton
  • MVQ Silicone
  • ACM Polyacrylate
  • FFKM (Kalrez Chemras Parofluor)
  • IIR Butyl
  • CR Neoprene
  • Polyurethane
  • AU Polyurethane
  • ECO
  • FEPM
  • PTFE
  • VMQ / FEP
  • TPU


To quickly find out what kind of rubber it is you have an: O-ring (Rubber compound) recognition tool

If the pallet does not bounce, it is probably an FKM O-ring. If the pallet bounces twice it is probably an NBR O-ring and if the pallet bounces three times it is probably an EPDM O-ring. (Of course you have many more kinds)

Below you can see which material is suitable for the temperature that the O-ring comes into contact with.

Size of an o-ring

You specify the size of an o-ring by means of the inner size (ID) and Cord thickness (CS). Leakage can occur if a wrong size O-ring is used.

To find out what the size is where the o-ring should be, you can use a caliper.

Below is a list of the most standard sizes: (2-0xx, 2-1xx, 2-2xx, 2-3xx, 2-4xx)

Below you can see when an O-ring is properly in place.

Below you can see when an O-ring is under pressure.

Below you can see when an O-ring is under too much pressure.

Below you can see when an O-ring has been ruined.


O-rings are available in different hardnesses (Shore).

The hardness of a material is the resistance that the material offers against permanent mechanical deformation.

Shore A hardness scale is used to measure the hardness of flexible form rubbers. These can vary in hardness from very soft and flexible, somewhat flexible in the middle to almost hard with no flexibility. It follows that Shore A0 naturally concerns an extremely soft and gel-like rubber. While the semi-rigid plastic are indicated at the highest end of the Shore A scale.


To find out quickly what the shore of an O-ring is you have a: Durometer

Digital Shoremeters for three different types of Shore, Type A, C and D.

All Usages

KTW, USP, NSF 51 61, WRC, WRAS, FDA, R67 01.

We also provide o-rings with a coating. An o-ring coating is used as mounting aid or to reduce friction. Coating options: Silicone grease, ptfe, teflon, molykote, talc.

Also available: O-rings according to regulations such as; Rohs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), Reach (REACH: Registration, MIL R, NAS, Evaluation, Authorization and Restrictions of CHemicals: the new European regulation for chemical substances)

Chemical resistance of o-rings:
The choice of the right o-ring also depends on what it comes into contact with. We help you with this choice.
We supply the correct o-ring that comes into contact with e.g. sunlight, ozone, UV radiation, fuel, gas, LPG R67, diesel, gasoline, water, drinking water, oil, fat, kerozine, hydrocarbon, hydrogen, alcohol, acid, acids, alkalis, chlorine, FDA foods, nutrient-resistant o-ring o rings. We also supply Silicone-free (100% Silicone Free) o-rings for glass, glass industry, automotive, automotive and other industries.

All brands O-rings O-rings
Trelleborg Busak - Shamban, Dichtomatik, James Walker, Guarnitec, Rada, Parker Prädifa, Angst & Pfister Hitec Normatec, Eriks, Freudenberg Simrit, Ebele seal, Cutters, NOK, Kimman, Green Tweed, Dupont, Profiltra, Skega, Dowty O-ring , O-rings, O-rings, O-ringe.

Back-up rings / Support rings
The Back-up rings or support rings are used (in combination with O-rings) to prevent crack extrusion. Backup rings can be used both statically and dynamically.
Although the backup ring is a simple sealing concept, there are many factors to take into account when selecting the right support ring for a specific application.

X ring
The X-ring (quad ring) is the successor to the O-ring in dynamic situations. It is used for sealing, for example, plungers, piston pumps and movements on shafts. An X-ring is a gasket with four lips and has a specially developed sealing profile. It offers more stability than an O-ring in dynamic applications. Moreover, it requires less pretension.



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